23-24 Grade 6 APC Patriots Team Supply List

23-24 Grade 6 APC Patriots Team Supply List
Posted on 08/01/2023


Patriots Team * Grade 6

Please have the following individual supplies: One purple plastic two-pocket folder for homework, colored pencils, pencils, pens, highlighters, inexpensive headphones, calculator, glue sticks, ruler and optional tissues & hand sanitizer.

Please note that the classes are color coded for easy organization.

*If you have trouble finding any of these colors, make a system that works for you!!

*Notebooks with plastic covers tend to last longer than cardboard.

Math - Ms. Corbo

  • 1 inch red binder

  • loose leaf paper

  • 8 dividers

ELA - Ms. McGuiggan

  • 1 THREE subject ORANGE/yellow notebook

Science - Mrs. Ahearn

  • 1 GREEN or black marble composition notebook.

  • 1 green plastic two pocket folder

Social Studies - Mrs. Matthews

  • 1 ONE inch blue binder

  • 1 blue two pocket folder

  • 5 dividers

  • Loose leaf paper

Reading - Mrs. DeCilio

  • 1 TWO or THREE Subject BLACK notebook

  • 3 Tabs/Dividers

  • Index Cards & Holder/Organizer of some kind

  • 1 BLACK Binder

See also a printable PDF of the list that contains the same information as included on this page: Grade 6 APC Patriots Team Supply List.pdf