23-24 Grade 6 Presidents Team Supply List

23-24 Grade 6 Presidents Team Supply List
Posted on 08/01/2023

Presidents Team

Welcome families and students to the 6th grade! Welcome to Central Middle School! Hopefully these items and suggestions will make the transition to middle school more successful for your children!

Math - Ms. Ioanilli or Ms. Corbo

  • Red 1” binder w/loose leaf paper and dividers

  • Red two-pocket folder

Special Education Math - Ms. Howie

  • Red 3-ring binder with filler paper

  • Dry erase markers

ELA - Ms. Brooks or Ms. McGuiggan

  • Orange One Subject Notebook

  • Orange sturdy 2 pocket folder

Special Education - ELA - Ms. Garrahy

  • Orange/Yellow one inch binder

  • Orange/Yellow 2 pocket folder

Science - Mr. Lenane or Ms. Ahearn

  • Green 3 subject notebook (8.5x11)

  • Green 2 pocket folder

  • Basic calculator to be shared with math.

Social Studies - Mr. Gould or Ms. Matthews

  • Blue 1” binder w/ loose leaf paper & dividers

  • Blue 2 pocket folder

Reading - Mr. Matthews

  • Black 1” Loose-leaf paper

  • Dividers

  • Black 2 pocket folder

  • Independent reading books (one per trimester)

  • Index Cards

Special Education - Reading - Ms. Garrahy & Ms. Anderlionis

  • 2 Black pocket folder

  • Index Cards

General Supplies

  • Pens, Pencils Colored pencils/Markers, Crayons, Highlighters

  • Pencil case

  • Several packages of index cards

  • Glue sticks/scotch tape

  • Inexpensive earbuds/headphones to us in computer lab with correct adaptor/jack

  • Reusable water bottle

Additional Recommendations

  • It is strongly encouraged to have regular access to the internet and a computer with a working printer. Headphones are also necessary for online texts and programs. Additionally, students will be using Google Classroom in all classes. Students are able to use the computer lab to print before school, during SSB, and after school with permission from a teacher!

  • Backpacks with wheels will not fit in the lockers. Due to fire regulations, all student materials must be kept in a locker.

  • Please practice how to open and close a combination lock before school starts. We do work on it all day during the first day of school, but those who can manage this quickly have reduced stress throughout the first week.

  • Inexpensive headphones should be kept at school to use in class and in the computer labs.

See also a printable PDF of the list that contains the same information as included on this page: Grade 6 Presidents Team Supply List 2023-2024.pdf