What are the telephone numbers for Central?

  • Main Office, Principal, Vice Principal, Secretary 617-984-8725
  • Guidance Counselors 617-984-8725
  • Nurse 617-376-5204
  • Fax Number 617-376-1435

What are the hours that school is in session?                            

8:15 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

When are Early Release Days?

Generally held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. The hours on those days are 8:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. Lunch will be served.

Bus Charlie Cards?

Charlie cards are in the main office and can be picked up before school, after school, or during SSB. They are rechargeable cards; you put your own money on them. We are not selling monthly passes.

Do you serve breakfast?

Breakfast is available every morning immediately before school starts at all schools in Quincy. Breakfast consists of a selection of cereals, muffins, bagels, peanut butter, cream cheese, fresh fruit, fruit juice, and milk.

What does breakfast & lunch cost?

This school year, breakfast and lunches will continue to be free for all students. The only change from the past two years is that students will need to enter their individual school ID numbers when getting lunch or breakfast. Students will be assisted with their number, but it is recommended that they memorize the number. They can also use their "010" number they use to sign into ASPEN. They will be provided these numbers. Snacks will also be available to purchase. Money can be added to your student account by logging into "My School Bucks" through food services on our school website or by giving it to the cafeteria staff to add to their account. 

Where can I view a lunch menu?

Visit our Food Services site to view current menus »
You may navigate the menus by school level (elementary, secondary) and/or month.

What Student Activities are available?

Beyond our core academic programs, Central offers a variety of activities before, during, and after school. Students are encouraged to participate in these programs so that they have a chance to meet new friends, experience new initiatives, exhibit their talents, and enjoy the complete middle school experience.

Information on Central’s Extra Curricular Activities can be found on this site using the student’s Quincy Public School’s Google Account:


What is the policy for Field Trips?

Teachers schedule field trips to provide on-site learning experiences. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a proper and orderly manner at all times. These explorations are considered a part of the regular school day and not a recreational experience. Signed parent or guardian permission slips are required for each field trip.

What is the policy on Report Cards?

Computerized report cards are issued to students through ASPEN three times during the school year. Letter grades represent the quality of work a student has produced in each subject. A teacher comment section provides additional information. The report card also serves as a record of conduct, attendance, and tardiness.

No School Announcements

If school is canceled for any reason by the superintendent, announcements will be made over AM radio stations WJDA (1300), WRKO (680), WBZ (1030), and television stations 4,5, and 7. On days when school is in session despite inclement weather, parents are asked to use their best judgment about their child's ability to attend school during poor conditions.

To learn more about cancellations and sign up for automatic notifications, please select QPS Info from the main menu, and then click on School Cancellation.

Lost and Found

During the year there are many found and lost items. Please label items. Students should secure their belongings in their lockers. Articles found in and out of the building should be brought to the outside of the cafeteria. These items may be claimed there by the owner. Students should refrain from bringing unnecessary valuable items to school.

Use of Lockers

Each student is assigned a locker with a lock. Students should not share their combinations with others.