Lego Robotics

Robotics starts the 18th!

  • Meetings will resume on TUESDAY JAN 18th
  • ALL students can come on one or both days, Mondays and Tuesdays
  • See Mrs Mastico for a new sign up sheet, it's needed for record keeping

Central Competition

It was a nail-biter. Everyone had good scoring rounds and they got to see how it is at competition. Two and a half minutes is both ages long and not enough time. The winners were e with a total of 215, closely followed by Intensely Dense at 205.

Team name Best score 
 Intensely Dense 205 
 Just existing 110 
 Phantom Destroyers 100 
Pehla 100 
 Uncreative Builders 150 
 e  215
 Competitive Coders 85 
 JDN 70 


This will be the conclusion of robotics until January. 

The official tournament for Cargo Connect has not yet been established but we are hoping to have our two teams compete in Jan/Feb. When I know it will be posted. The Quincy City competition is also an unknown at this time so we will continue to work on our robots at Central. 

FLL Robotics is back for 2021evolution of Lego person shirt logo

  • Mondays and Tuesdays after school, until 4pm
  • For the fall, you will attend one day or the other
  • We will be starting work on Cargo Connect the latest competition from First Lego League
  • Teams of up to ten will design and build to complete specific tasks
  • Check out this video for information about the season

How to register 

See Mrs Mastico with any questions.

FLL competition is closed to anyone over grade 8 so that age group is given the team position for the official competition. Two teams will compete in the fall competition  but everyone will compete against each other in our mini Central competition. Currently we are NOT scheduled to attend an in-person event. There will be a virtual official FLL competition in January that we will be taking part in. Possibly this is the competition table for the spring comp, there are a lot of variables to work out. I am sorry to be so abstruse but I can only share the information I am given. Taking part in the competition is a city-wide thing, not each individual school. 

In the spring city-wide competition we can field as many teams as we have robots, so everyone can take part in that.

Revere Qualifier 2019

A good time was had by all. Thank you to the Nutron Robotics team at Revere High for a well run day.
There were some nail biting performances but both Central teams were great. Their simple but effective robots performed well against some very complicated machines, and beat some of them too. Every round saw a solid point return and the consistency of the machines was impressive. There were some challenges that came up on the day but both teams rose to the occasion and prevailed despite this. They graciously shared their space with others and were exemplary in comportment and professionalism.

What is the Robotics program at Central? 

Lego Robotics is run by Ms. Mastico. The year begins with the international First Lego League competition which we enter with one team of ten (2018 saw the addition of a second Central team). While that team is working everyone else in robotics is part of a team trying to build the best robot and consistently get the most points. After the qualifier, all being well, there will be an in house competition to see who built the best one. Following this there will be a challenge arranged by your coaches, one year was burglar alarms, the next was Sumo bots. This is an in house challenge. Later in the spring, Quincy hosts the President's cup, a citywide competition between the middle schools. This is usually a past FLL challenge and consists of all the aspects of an official competition.