8th Grade CPR Certification with Brewster

QPS 8th Graders Earn CPR/AED Certification with Brewster Ambulance Service
Posted on 03/06/2023
A student practices compressions on an infant manikin as another student looks on.

Thank you to our partner, Brewster Ambulance Service, for playing a huge role in a special wellness initiative for all QPS 8th graders this winter. For the last few months, eighth-grade students have been learning about heart health in preparation for an opportunity to learn about Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) directly from licensed Brewster staff.

This massive effort culminated last week: over 750 students received their CPR certification through in-school instruction and another 70 students and their families became certified through a special, no-cost CPR/AED certification class that took place on Saturday at Central Middle School. Thank you to Brewster and our own QPS Health Services team for leading this initiative!

Image collage shows (clockwise, from top left): Two students practice compressions on an infant manikin in the South West gym; 5 Point Webster students are shown practicing compressions on CPR manikins in the Point Webster auditorium. Several students look on and two Brewster instructors are supervising the group; 4 students practice compressions on CPR manikins as several other students and teachers look on in the Broad Meadows gym; A large circle of students and adults prepare to practice compressions on infant manikins in the Central Middle School gym. In the center of the circle, a Brewster instructor is demonstrating proper technique; A large group of students works in groups of two in the Atlantic Middle School gym. Each pair is practicing compressions on infant manikins. Two instructors from Brewster are supervising the group; A Brewster instructor guides a South West student through the use of an AED on the floor of the South West gym as several other students look on.