2023 STEM Fair

Central's 2023 STEM Fair
Posted on 03/31/2023
Three male students pose together in front of a project entitled "Tech Deck Velocity"

Central Middle School students brought the creativity to this year’s STEM Fair, which took place on Thursday, March 30.

From pyrotechnics and culinary projects to chemistry experiments and physics demonstrations, the fair showcased an impressive range of topics and it was great to see our students’ personalities and interests reflected in their projects.

This fun, educational event promotes the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills–and promotes many students’ interest in STEM subjects and careers!

Thank you to Central staff, our judges, parents, and, of course, our students for making the event possible!

Image collage shows (clockwise, from top left): A female student poses with her project, "Reach For the Stars"; A female student poses with her project "Edible Cutlery"; A male student poses with his "Sailboat Lightning Preventer"; A female student poses next to her project, "Cookie Craze"; two female students pose with their project "How Does the Salinity of Water Affect Plant Growth" between them; a student poses with their project, "Disney Land vs. Disney World"; two students pose with their project, "Catching Fire"; two male students pose with their project "Newton's Cradle"