Camera Expectation Letter 1-6-21

Camera Expectation Letter 1-6-21
Posted on 01/06/2021
January 6, 2021
Dear Central Students and Families,
Happy New Year! In an effort to ensure that all of our students’ learning experiences are being met, and in collaboration with the Superintendent’s Leadership Team, I would like share with you the expectation, moving forward, in regard to students having their cameras on while learning remotely. Some of the educational benefits in having the computer cameras on are; face-to-face contact keeps students engaged, it helps the teachers discern whether students understand the lesson, as well as helping teachers pace the lessons. Teachers will continue to provide a variety of teaching methods in their lessons and will inform students when their cameras should be on or off.  
If the camera is not on because of technology related issues, please contact myself or the guidance counselor, as we have Chromebooks available for students to borrow and take home. Please also note there are options for changing or blurring the background in Google Meet and Zoom.
We ask for your assistance and cooperation in moving forward with this expectation starting on Monday, January 11, 2021. If a student does not have a camera on during class, and does not respond to a teacher’s prompt to turn the camera on, a discussion will take place with the student and their parent or guardian. The discussion about camera use expectations will be done outside of the virtual classroom to avoid any embarrassment to the student.

As always we appreciate your support. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  

Rick DeCristofaro
Principal of Central Middle School